Product Application

Product Application

An extended application designed for production purpose in which a variety of audio scenes can be configured, stored and recalled. Up to 32 Objects can be directly assigned to any of the individually controlled channel strips on the User Interface. The master fader allows for control of the overall system gain settings.

All active objects and loudspeakers are shown in a large canvas in which the spatial positions are visualized. Each object can be automated directly or with an LTC time code

To each discrete audio object following parameters can be assigned:

  • Load, create, store SSW sessions
  • Up to 32 object channels
  • Per channel:
    • Object colour coding, labeling, image
    • Selection 2D or 3D movement
    • Selection subwoofer
    • Read/Write timecode
    • Solo/Mute
  • Transport: play, pause, stop
  • Timecode master/slave
  • Master fader, incl. Mute/unmute
  • Canvas showing sources and movements, including zoom in/out



User Interface Production Application