Live Application

Live Application

The live application is optimised for use during live shows. In addition to the many production mode functions, the live mode offers the user access to a much larger canvas and enables easy control of the sound object through space. This application also offers convenient multi- metering, displaying the levels of all audio objects as well as the individual engine outputs.

The live application contains the following functionalities:

  • Load, create, store SSW sessions
  • Up to 32 object channels
  • Transport: play, pause, stop
  • Timecode – slave
  • Master fader, incl. Mute/unmute
  • Different sheets:
    • Canvas
      • showing sources and movement
      • zoom in/out
      • Multimetering SARA engine inputs
    • Objects Selection
      • Matrix view to select on/off objects
    • Timecode Selection
      • Matrix view to select on/off timecode per object
    • Multimetering
      • All SARA engine inputs
      • All SARA engine outputs
    • OSC control
      • Play, pause, stop, panic
      • Select OSC files


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