Dynamic Electronic Room Acoustic Enhancement


Dynamic Electronic Room Acoustic Enhancement

Performance spaces are now used for a wide variety of events, each with specific and different acoustic demands. Today the intimate atmosphere of a chamber concert, tomorrow a large symphony orchestra or a stadium, probably followed by a musical using a PA system and multichannel effects.

Object based electronic variable acoustics

The interactive room simulation module (RSM) of the Astro Spatial Audio system is the only object based solution for electronic variable acoustics systems on the market. Patented proprietary algorithms not only combine the flexibility of traditional in-line digital reverberation devices with the quality and natural impression of a regenerative reverberation but also the direction of the sound in space.

This unique object based system approach offers extreme high gain before feedback levels compared to channel based systems, without any artifacts. The state of the art convolution algorithms reduce the high resolution room impulse 3 dimensional responses in both its temporal and spatial characteristics. The result of this process is a subset, discreet, early and late reverberant reflections, which are convolved with the direct sound to serve as input objects for the spatial processor.

The objects are spread across the room in such a way that intrinsic time alignment and spatial distribution of all reflections and the direct sound is guaranteed.

Room shaping: Reflections from the right direction

In room acoustics we distinguish direct, early and reverberant reflections, enveloping in various temporal and spatial distribution properties. For chamber music, opera or speech different acoustic preferences apply, which requires specific room geometries and choice of materials.

The unique object based technology of the Astro Spatial Audio system allows to electronically shape the hall to meet the intended room acoustic properties. By moving objects dynamically different acoustic parameters can be controlled.

Using unique 3 dimensional measured impulse response with the Astro Spatial Audio system the position of sources are dynamically controlled throughout space, to maintain a true to live experience.

Key features
  • Object based variable acoustics
  • Extreme high gain before feedback levels, making the system also suitable for small and acoustic dry environments without any artifacts
  • Natural sound by using high quality 3D Impulse responses
  • Control of specular, early and reverberant reflections
  • Electronic room shaping
  • Accurate and dynamic control of spatial orientation
  • Direct integration with Front Of House system possible
  • Patented proprietary algorithms
Room Simulation Pro Application

Software application for interactive dynamic object based reverberation enhancement.

  • Room acoustic parameter can be set per input source.
  • 16 RSM sources
  • Predefined 3D room impulse responses
  • Independent setup of Direct, discrete, early and late reflections
  • Use as InLine or non InLine system


User Interface Room Acoustic Module