ASA teams up with Alcons Audio for a summer tour in the US


ASA teams up with Alcons Audio for a summer tour in the US

Astro Spatial Audio and Alcons Audio teamed up for VIP Demonstrations of Astro Spatial Audio’s groundbreaking SARA 3D audio rendering technology!

Developed by Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology (IDMT), Netherlands-based Astro Spatial Audio’s SARA 3D audio rendering engine is an immersive 3D audio tool for live and entertainment venues. Using state-of-the-art advancements in 3D audio and acoustic technology, the system delivers a true 3D experience, making it ideal for performing arts facilities such as theaters, opera houses, concert venues, theme parks, and worship spaces.

Alcons Audio is Dutch manufacturer of high-end professional sound systems. Alcons Audio’s North American division is rapidly growing with a variety of new success stories and ambassadors. Whether it’s Broadway musicals, performing arts theatres, corporate AV, cinemas, dance clubs or music venues, Alcons is truly setting new standards for excellence in sound reproduction. The reason for this is Alcons’ proprietary, multiple-patented pro-ribbon transducer technology, offering clarity, detail and up to 90% less distortion.

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